"Futsal is a sport which does not compete with soccer but serves to enrich it."

What is Futsal?

Looking for a local futsal program? We love this game & would love to help your kids to learn & play the fast, fun & beautiful game of Futsal in Tricity.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced futsal player, we have a place for you to enjoy playing it. We now accept 7 to 12 year old kids to experience futsal. It is economical, safe, simple, fast and fun game to play.

It is an exciting game for children to enjoy it at all different seasons. Children learn through repetition and practice in small areas to improve their technical skills. As Futsal is fast and action packed, fitness is improved while learning and having fun. We find children love playing Futsal because many goals are scored and the game is devoid of complex rules. Children learn so much faster because they spend a lot of time playing with the ball in a small area. Our objective is to promote team sport in our community.

Futsal is soccer that is played on a smaller field and mainly played indoors. Its name comes from the Portuguese futebol de salão, which can be translated as "hall football". It was developed in Brazil and Uruguay in the 1930s and 1940s.
Due to the small sided playing environment, an emphasis is placed on core technical skills as well as awareness, quick decision making & creativity.

We believe that with encouragement, team work, motivation and RESPECT, we can help our kids to achieve their goals as they are having fun playing the game of FUTSAL.

We create an environment for children to express themselves without a fear of failure in a fun, friendly and creative atmosphere. We give children “the roots to grow and the wings to fly” for both their personal and futsal development. A place where children go to have amazing fun and also improving their soccer skills!

"There's nothing greater and more positive in the world than when somebody on the team does something good such as scoring a goal, blocking a shot, and making a great save, and everybody gathers around to pat him/her on the back. That's the fun, and the type of feeling you should have when you play sports."            Denison Cabral 

We welcome your donation. Your help will fund us to help more kids in our community to enjoy playing futsal together. Our programs promote healthy life style among our community children. It will also create a meaningful relationship between our players, parents and audience with your business and building a community spirit and value to your business. Tricity Futsal Academy in Affiliation with Tri-city Iraninan-Canadian Mini Soccer (TIMS) is a not for profit group and is running by positive and committed volunteers to make a memorable time for all participants to enjoy playing together for fun and friendship.


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